Thursday, December 11, 2008


Sumerah and I had our first meeting on November 20th and it was a productive one!!

She updated me on a project she has been working on with the Women’s Enterprise Task Force and has offered me information on a potential source of funding through the LDA.

Other key outcomes of our meeting resurlted from a discussion of the key challenges I am facing at the moment (which centre around: web site, funding, and legal)

Sumerah offered me great suggestions and ideas as to how to start chipping away at the challenges. Some points she offered that I found very useful include:
-check out and women’s digital society. as my organisation centers around girls, these sources might be great for us to get some female expertise

-scour the LDA for free legal and other start up resources, which may be free or highly subsidized

-ensure to start measuring and monitoring all components of our activities so that when we start looking for the big bucks we are well backed up by results we have achieved and their specific relevance.

Ok, I am back to the grind… this week focusing heavily on
-logistic details for our GIRLICIOUS conference in March 2009

One side note, this past week I also met with Gillian Rabie whom is a member of Fresh Ideas, and whom I met at the BT mentor event.

She shared some extremely insightful information with me about offering positive development solutions to young ladies from her first hand experience as a secondary theatre teacher. We also found a win win situation in bringing her theatre company to deliver some entertainment at the GIRLICIOUS conference!! J

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