Monday, February 16, 2009

Time is like...well time is like... Gone...

Where does the time go? I always thought organisation/prioritization and all that was my strong point!! I am efficient, I get a lot of things done and all that! Yet, day in, day out I feel like I need to get 10 more things done...but it always seams to be 11pm and my eye lids are falling. I am starting to realise the responsibilities of an entrepreneur are like a river...never stopping! I need to learn to build dams!

That said, I feel very like we have made a ton of progress and a lot of really exciting things are about to happen.

-we have completed a very strong business plan and financial model. the beauty of this is in being able to apply for business plan competitions, send info to potential investors, and have completed a lot of strategy

-the conference is well on its way to being a super fun event...with a few sponsors solidified, some tickets sold, many of the guest speakers confirmed...I am feeling like the hard work is paying off (though the list is still many rows long)

-I am already embarking on phase two of the website which will enable U4U to start accepting registers of interest for membership!!! Yeee hawwww

-Though I have not been looking for investors, I have fallen into a few chance meetings with investors and been able to test the idea on them...have gotten some great feedback and quite a bit of interest!

-the team is coming together really nicely, allowing me to break off roles into respective groups (core team, youth advisory board and business advisory board)..the support and interest in being a part of U4U is really possitive

Ok, well back to sponsor/advertising finding I go...the fact is we need to still raise some dough to feel confident with the budget for Girlation...

If I may ask for your support,

**please let me know if you have any contacts who might want to sponsor/advertise with Girlation...we will make sure to make it worth while for any companies that support us

**please send all young ladies aged 11-18 to WWW.U4UK.CO.UK to get their tickets!!!!

XO Ila