Friday, January 23, 2009

Back on the Race Track...

Coolio, I am back in grear and moving right along!

Had a great bit of news last week, I found our that U4U made it to the second round of a global business plan competition (amongst 30 other plans out of over 100, not too shabby!!). Further, I submitted the plan in the Global Social Venture Competition which is another even larger game. Just getting the required documents in feels like a huge achievement! And the cool part is, it is going to force me to complete all components of the business plan by the end of this month (and that it forced me to put together some very solid statistics on the benefits of U4U which will be great in promotional materials).

Further, I have established another promotional event for U4U, a launch to academia, media, government and others. I am arranging a discussion of the topic ' Challenges schools face in instilling confidence, resilience, resourcefulness and other leadership skills in girls.' Nigel Nicholsom, an aclaimed professor from London Business, who is an expert and well published on multiple topics related to leadership will be one of the key note speakers.

I feel this event will really contribute to U4U's introduction in combination with 'Girlation.' The event for young ladies. Through these two launch events U4U will make its presence known amongst all of our (start-up related) target markets.

OH, AND, YAHOOOO! The WEb site is live!!! Check it out:

(please be understanding though, I put together this site in ppt and it is only surving the purpose of deliving enough info so that girls can sign up to the conference. I am still in the process of trying to find a partner who is an expert in web/media who will lead everything across the technology front.)

As it stands, I am apealing to one and all for support and focusing on the following areas:
1-finding a partner whom has experience in entrepreneurship, youth, and/or has a huge passion for the mission of U4U (Im looking for a true partner who would want to invest 6-12+ hours per week and would of course take shares in the company)

2-finding a partner whom has web/media experience and is has a huge passion for the mission of U4U (Im looking for a true partner who would want to invest 6-12+ hours per week and would of course take shares in the company)

3-sponsorships for the Girlation event...any company whom would like to raise awareness amongst girls aged 11-18 and their parents...

4-GIRLS to sign up to GIRLATION...I am apealing to everyone to please pass around the website to all you know to get the word out to gals and their parents

1,2,3,4 that is what im looking for
5,6,7,8 thanks for reading, you are GREAT

XO i

Monday, January 12, 2009

The good-s- and bad-s- of time off

What great holidays!!

But now I am feeling a bit stressed, after taking a couple weeks off I feel like I lost some momentum. I feel like I lost my map and I am a bit scared!!! Ut oh...I sure hope this is a fast fading feeling.

The bad-s of taking time off from U4U have been the feelings I just described. I feel like I am behind the ball and that I am not ready to host our big conference coming up. The website is behind schedule and this is really making me nervous. Really though, having hands off for a while has made me feel out of control.

On the other hand...the good-s of taking time off have allowed me time to step back and complete some of the overall picture that I have not been thinking about. Fine tuning things like the mission/vision/needs has been sooo useful and makes me feel like stepping back for a few moments is allowing me to build a stronger foundation.

Well, lots more to come over the next couple of weeks! I really anticipate and hope for the best!!!