Thursday, December 11, 2008

U4U WEEKLY UPDATE:Week ending November 14, 2008

U4U is a positive development program for young ladies aged 11-18 which focuses on fitness, kindness, culture and environment through weekly meetings, peer mentoring, engaging events, enterprises and professional coaching.

Current timeline:
March 2009: U4U Conference for young ladies aged 11-18
April 2009: 6 week pilot of U4U with 20 girls
June 2009: Launch of U4U program

U4U this week:

Calendar of events this week:
-work sessions on our conference
-work sessions on the U4U curriculum
-jam packed 3 hr weekly general meeting where we focused on 1-company values, 2-conference prjt planning, 3-team development, 4-discussion of share distribution, and 5-practicing our sales pitches to gain sponsors of our conference
-meeting with the Portobello business centre
-support meeting with founders of the new web auction enterprise
-running around town seeking to secure the perfect venue for our conference
-and all the pieces in between

Key issues:
-finding a person to join our team who would manage, design and cover all components of the web site
-in preparing to register the company I have come across the option of a CIC registration (community interest company)…very interesting structure and seams as though it might be ideal for U4U
-making use of the free service offered by the government sponsored Portobello business centre was a great resource and I will continue to use this service

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