Friday, March 27, 2009

Pitch Pandemonium...yeaaaaaa

Wow, what fun!

I was given the opportunity to pitch for 3 minutes in front of a great audience of entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Foundations, PR agents and others... As the event started, and I realised how large the crowd was, I thought 'Why on earth did I ever sign myself up for this? Was I in my right mind?!?' But as I walked off the stage, I realised, it was a phenomenal opportunity to share about U4U and practice my pitch. It was the first time I spoke about U4U to a crowd, and the first time I pitched for funding, so two firsts out of the way! AND, as it was kind of a pitching competition, the other great bit of news is, I won :) so that means I will get to share what I am sure will be an insightful lunch with Polly at 15 restaurant...great!!

Do you have 1 min to read my pitch? Here it is:
Girls face many challenges in their teen years…
- 1 in 8 teen girls suffer from depression
- 1/3 of the UK’s teen girls have tried self harm
- Anorexic girls admitted to the UK’s hospitals rose by 80% in the last decade

Yet girls hold a world of potential,
As a recent Nobel Prize winner and Nike proclaim, the potential to change a culture lies in a girl
- A man will reinvest 35% whereas a female will invest 90% of her income into her family

And from a business standpoint,
- teen girls represent a 7 billion pound spending power

I would like to introduce you to U4U, a social solution and business opportunity…a members club for girls aged 11-18 which supports their challenges and unleashes their potentials

1. attend weekly meetings
2. engage in team activities
3. peer mentoring
4. building small enterprises
5. and can access professional coaching

U4U is built around four pillars, fitness, kindness, culture and environment
- Fitness relating to physical and mental fitness
- Kindness, ability to relate to others with compassion and confidence
- Culture relating to wide tolerance and appreciation of differences
- Environment relating to environmental consciousness

U4U is a totally new concept which distinguishes itself through the business model, service offering and commercial appeal…
- The business model effectively makes use of franchisees
- Parents, whom reports show in the UK spend on average 19 minutes per day with their teens, find comfort through U4U and so shall support their daughters attendance
- And,
- No other competitor offers such a high quality, holistic and global program which also has an exclusive brand and curriculum which girls love and want to be a part of

I am working full time on U4U and have a team of 5 passionate professionals collaborating with me.

U4U will launch on May 17th at the first annual U4U, exclusive event for girls, called ‘Girlation-a celebration of U’ which will be hosted by Carol Machin and Kate Edmondson from MTV/Gok Wan’s Programs/BBC Teen News/and more

A 4 week pilot program will run from mid June
A full launch will take place with the start of the school year in Sept

We are building toward presence in 7 countries, revenues of 3 million and membership of over 20,000 by 2013

I am currently seeking investment of 150K for start-up costs

to support the worlds teen girls in becoming dynamic future leaders of the new economy, their families and their communities….because the potential to change a culture comes through a girl

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  1. I am very touched and excited by your fantastic project.
    Bravo! I learned that a nobel prize winner has expressed something I long have been deeply convinced of, the power to change the world lies into feminine power and gentle leadership, respecting our mother nature, the Environment.
    As the 3rd little sister in a family with a brilliant mother, PH D, Doctor in medicine and scholar, however anorexic and self destructive, and as the mother myself of 5 children, among them a 24 year old girl and a 11 year old teen ager, both struggling with their thinness and nutrition, I can only be passionate about what you do.
    I am an entrepreneur building a coaching and training business for women of the world who have competing life demands yet know that can have it all.
    My dream is to design and share international workshops that get results with creativity, passion, illuminating women's lives with fun, simplicity and kindness, and a touch of magic!
    I use my creativity, warmth and passion to boost active, curious and daring women of the world to enhance their self esteem and connect with their enthusiasm.
    How could I contribute to your european project and become an active partner in France?

    Kindest wishes